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Girisha Hungsraz

I’m from Mauritius, a tiny island off the east coast of Africa known for its beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and multiethnic, multi-lingual population. I grew up in a household of driven entrepreneurs who started with nothing and built a thriving business and comfortable life. Watching my parents work to the early hours of the morning while I took care of my younger brother taught me not only the value of money, but the power of effort and determination.

At the age of nineteen, I decided to leave the familiarity of our cozy nest and spread my wings to Vancouver to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Simon Fraser University. Moving halfway around the world to a new country and culture was an eye-opening experience for me and speaking a language other than my native French only added to the challenge. In a short time, though, I came to love my new home and Canadian friends and have never looked back.

After graduating from university, I started my career with a national life insurance company and quickly realised that I was as passionate about being in front of people and helping them achieve their financial goals as I was about numbers. I soon enrolled in the Chartered Financial Analyst program, which further piqued my interest in investment, capital markets, and wealth management. In 2015, I joined Dixon Mitchell with the goal of using my studies and experience to help families look after the wealth they worked hard to create, just as my parents had.

Outside of work, I am a big foodie and try to make the most of the abundant options that Vancouver has to offer. When time permits, I enjoy discovering new cities, learning about new cultures, and generally following the same curiosity and sense of adventure that brought me to Canada when I was still a teen.

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