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Nick Karliychuk

Where I grew up in Western Ukraine, there were no school buses so we really did walk miles to school each day—though I can’t say for sure that it was uphill both ways! When I wasn’t getting to or studying at school, my favourite pastime was judo, which also required a lengthy walk. With so much time spent away from the house, and my parents both working long hours, I treasured time with my family when I was a boy.

My father is self-made, rising to leadership roles in management and public service through determination and hard work. He led by example and encouraged my sister and me to pursue academic excellence and pour ourselves into our studies. I followed his advice and completed high school with a gold medal award and subsequently gained acceptance to International Christian University-Kiev where I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. During my sophomore year, I was selected for a US government-sponsored student exchange program, which brought me to America for the first time where I attended college and lived with a host family.

When my studies were complete, I immigrated to Canada with my wife and, not long after our arrival, I started at Dixon Mitchell. After several years with the firm, my role is diverse and has me both leading our trading group, as well overseeing operations and technology. When I’m not working with my exceptional team or volunteering with CFA Vancouver Society, I like spending time with my wife, enjoying the food, outdoor activities, and temperate climate of our adopted home.

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